"One.Sway"? 是非成敗轉頭空_宋楚瑜的政治路_3/5http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKmh9a4B2yI&NR=1 (00:13) Kiss your ass not your friend, worse than your enemy, that sucking "Lee.Done.Wheel" could shamelessly committed kissing ass "Republic o 設計裝潢f China" and "Freedom"crime in front of the public eyes to yell "自由.One.Sway" "中華民國.One.Sway" already showed he's not friendly to your Freedom, he's not 小型辦公室friendly to your 中華民國, he's worse than your "自由.The" enemy, he's worse than the enemy of 中華民國. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 部落格----------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDvKaP_bI1U&NR=1 是非成敗轉頭空_宋楚瑜的政治路_5/5 (4:17) That how ChenSwayBen must deserve to be killed for he not only failed to do the duty to kill his existi 部落格ng President "Lee.Done.Wheel" because he knew that sucking "Lee.Done.Wheel" committed abusing the President power to do the invisible "Gun.Jean.殺絕" unhuman crime; ( You as the President, you can have right to kill, you can have ri 西服ght to pardon, you must have no right to block, you want to have the right to block, you must be perfect like God, you sucking "Lee.Done.Wheel" dare show your shameless yelling China Dynasty dead body spell"One.Sway. One.Sway. One One Sway", you 買屋must die for your own sucking voice, you stupid bad ugly evil ChenSwayBen as a political party heavy weighted ranking figure dare committed Chinese said "Phony.Linang.What" crime, you must die for your crime of lie rather sooner than later.) but also committed the cr 票貼ime of treason to waste your tax payers public fund to fund "Lee.Done.Wheel" personal loyalty heavy weighted armed team to see you the people self-defense right like nothing, yet to see guard that "One.Sway.One.Sway.One.One.Sway" liar like your King, that how your current President "Mar. 酒店打工Inn.Joe" should do the duty to kill both of his sucking existing Presidents. You are the President, you must do your duty to kill or to pardon, he can have right to pardon both your sucking existing Presidents, if it is his point of view to make all your Court system gone with wind. That means from now on, you hav 酒肉朋友e no Court, every one of you have to rely on your own fire arms to guard your right, to guard your property, or to die for your right to die for your property, or to be slaved the rest of your life.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 部落格  .
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