What would I do if I were US current President? I give my order to kill (Because as long as you own power, force, authority, life, you have to be subjected accountable, the sooner you pay the course, the better you can afford <That how all Saddam lover supporter must have 酒店經紀 to watch him hung to die; that how all Japanese best Samurai friend must have to do that most trustable beheader tough love.>; the longer you wait, the less you can afford to pay; and a 房屋二胎fford or not afford, you have to pay; you are Chinese, you are Christian, you are Buddhist, you should have this common sense to know the consequence, not mention you are US President.) all US existing Presid 景觀設計ents, existing First Ladies and existing First daughers (Because you are rich and famous powerful forceful daughter, you are always tied to your dad; that how God must have to enter Satan's hell to given up his own life in orde 膠原蛋白r to save his daughter out. Not mention your evil son may rely on his own real honest sex drive to become Mighty like God that Chinese said "Sir.Down.Bow.Ten", your evil daughter can only dragon down more to lie down, you don't do the duty to kill your 開幕活動 national most forceful most powerful richest evil First daughters, how dare you can have any shame to kill anyone else less powerful less forceful less rich than your sucking First families? How dare you demand anyone else less powerful less forceful less rich to be accountable seo? How dare you think any your sucking USA made form can be accountable? How could any sucking US President not to do the duty to finish his sucking Fed. and hand out his entire power back to US Military), then dismiss all Fed government, then hand over entire USA to US military(How U.S.Military can do bett 濾桶er than US Fed? U.S.Military can have that righteous guts [Because it is the only way you can keep your military firmly strong, otherwise, your military must be dragon down, not if but when.] to really respect every man to have the free self-defense right to own the best available weapon like U.S.Military can. so that U.S 房地產.Military can have all right to say to every man "Give me Free or Give me death", every man can have right to say to U.S.Military "Give me Free or Give me death"; and to deal with sucking abandoned old woman like me, anyone who knows how to kill can do the duty to kill me openly freely mercifully immediately and take over what left behind by m 褐藻醣膠e) You sucking US Presidents US First Ladies US First daughters dare be the First to suck, you must have to have the dare first to be killed. Every man and woman must die sooner or later, you cannot even be good enough to take that most merciful fastest way to leave, you dare have anything to do with First, you already more deserve to be killed than any your enemy 帛琉.  .
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